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Admissions F.A.Q.

 1. Who can apply?

Admission to LISA Academy is open to all students regardless of zoning.

2. How can I apply?
Please fill out an Application Form and submit it to only one of the campuses via mail or fax or in person. You can also apply online at one of the campuses’ website.
3. Do I apply separately if I’m interested in more than one campus?

Yes. Please fill out a separate Application Form for each campus you are interested in.

4. What grade levels do you serve?

Please see individual campus website.

5. Do you charge tuition?

No, LISA Academy is a public charter school system and funded by state and Federal Government.

6. Do you provide extra-curricular activities?

Yes, we do provide extra-curricular activities including academic and social clubs.

7. Are the students tested to be accepted to the school?

LISA Academy, being an open enrollment charter school, does not test students as part of the admission process.

8. Do you meet with students and parents during the admission process?
Yes, we do meet with both students and parents to clearly inform them about the school’s philosophy and goals. But, this meeting is optional.
9. Do you provide transportation?
Unfortunately, we do not provide transportation.
10. Do students wear uniform?
Yes, LISA Academy Schools are uniform schools.
11. Does LISA Academy provide services to students with disabilities and English language learners?
Yes, LISA has available services to meet the needs of all students. For more information, please contact campus principals.