Cookies with Grandparents

To celebrate National Grandparents Day and to honor the special role that grandparents have in our students' lives we would like to invite our students' grandparents to the school on Monday, September 24th to join students in their classrooms for cookies and juice.

Grandparents can visit their elementary grandchildren in their rooms from 7:45-8:15. Middle-high school grandchildren can be visited from 8:15-8:30. Towards the end of the event, there will be a special performance in the cafeteria for those that can stay.

Grandparents who arrive early will have to wait in the lobby, so we strongly encourage grandparents to not arrive until 7:45 (for elementary) or 8:15 (for middle/high). Once grandparents arrive they can check in and see what room their grandchild is in and where the room is. Grandparents with multiple grandchildren at the school are free to go from class to class to visit them but students will have to remain in their assigned location.

Please fill out the following RSVP for each child at the school that will be visited by their grandparent.

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