Winter Activites!

Hello, LISA North Community!
Middle School report cards will be mailed home before break. High School report cards will be sent after the break.
Middle school awards ceremony for honor rolls and attendance will be after winter break. Stay tuned!
Winter Break activity suggestions have been sent to parents/guardians via email and social media. Students have been made aware of this in classes, as well. It is optional but encouraged! For each subject activity completed, students will earn a jeans pass upon return to school. If you have questions, please reach out to your student's teachers.
-Science: Submit STEM 
-English: Complete 90 minutes of Membean
-Math: Complete 20 ALEKS topics
NWEA reward for reaching the cut score for at least one test will be customizable hot cocoa on Tuesday, 12/20 during holiday parties in 7/8 periods.
If you do fun things over break and would like to share with the LISA North community, please fill out this Form. :D
We can't wait to see the exciting, happy moments you've shared with one another!
I wish everyone a safe, warm, relaxing break! 
See you next year,
Madeline Smith