LISA North Grand Opening

Excellence. This is the main word that almost all of our wonderful guest speakers used to describe LISA Academy Schools. We take pride that having a high standard of excellence is becoming synonymous with what is expected at all of our campuses, whether it is elementary or high school, at our Central Arkansas campuses or our campus in Springdale. Excellence in our school is the standard on which not only this incredible building was built, but also in the quality of teachers, staff, and education that we have to offer our students and community. To have leaders in our government and local communities use Excellence to describe our schools confirms that we have achieved this goal. We are very grateful for all of the support that we have received with the construction of our new SMART campus and we hope to continue our mission to strive for excellence and provide the best education and programs to our students and communities. We would like to express our deep gratitude for those who attended our Grand Opening, unending thanks to the guests of honor who shared gracious words of encouragement and support, and demonstrate our continuous appreciation for the foundations, companies, local officials, and everyone else who made this campus possible.

More pictures, congratulations, and thanks will be shared shortly.