Visit by University of Dayton

Lisa Academy North Middle and High School was excited that Deanna Donnelly, Assistant Director of Development for the University of Dayton, came to visit our wonderful campus and see our amazing Assistant Principal and Alumnus of UD, Mrs. Woody-Smith, today! Mrs. Donnelly was very impressed with the hard work our students were doing at our school, especially our amazing Solar Car program! Mrs. Donnelly was astonished by the incredible and dedicated work our students have done on the solar car program. She is excited to return to the University and speak with the University of Dayton School of Engineering about the students work, as well as how valuable they would be for the School of Engineering when they graduate from high school! We at Lisa are constantly astounded by our students in their academics and dedication they put into their work, and it is always exciting when we get to share their achievements with others! We would like to thank Mrs. Donnelly for visiting our campus and her encouraging words about the endeavors that we take on at Lisa Academy North. We also can't wait to see what amazing feats our Solar Car Team and engineering department will achieve next!