Dismissal Update 8/21/19

Drop off for middle/high students will be at  7:35 - 7:50 AM (due to heavy traffic) in the front of the building (yes, you can still drop off at your regular time if you would like, we are just giving an option due to heavy traffic). Don't forget that your Middle/High student can be dropped off at the CROSSWALK (right hand elementary lane). DO NOT drop off students at the stairs. LISA Academy Way is ONLY for middle/high!!!


Pick up (afternoon), parents will need to go through the middle school traffic line for middle/high school students then make a right into the elementary pickup line.  Students, guardians, and other visitors should not enter the building through any other door except the front doors. LISA Academy Way is ONLY for middle/high!!!


Elementary parents will not be able to enter the drop-off elementary lane from LISA Academy Way.