ACT Aspire Summative Testing for Gr 6-10

ACT Aspire test dates are as follows.
Tuesday, April 30, 2019  Reading and English
Wednesday, May 1, 2019 Mathematics
Thursday, May 2, 2019     Writing and Science   
May 3 and May 6              Make-up testing (if needed)
ACT Aspire is a Computer-Based Assessment administered in grades 3-10 in five subject areas.
The length of the entire assessment is approximately 4 hours.
Question Types Used:
MC - Multiple Choice/Selected Response
TE - Technology Enhanced (Questions require computer interaction)
CR - Constructed Response (Open-ended questions that require students to generate a typed response)
How Parents Can Help
The Night Before Testing:
A. Talk to your child about any concerns they may have about the test.
B. Your family should relax and enjoy the evening.
C. Your child needs to go to bed on time.
D. Your child should not go to bed upset or angry.
E. Your child should get a full night’s sleep.
The Morning of Testing:
A. Start your day as you normally do.
B. Provide your child with a healthy breakfast.
C. Encourage your child to have a positive attitude and to do his/her best on the test.
D. Ensure your child is at school and on time everyday during testing.
E. Ensure your child brings prescription glasses to school every day during testing (if applicable)
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